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Young Sheldon is a quirky, fun and bright spin-off to TV sitcom The Big Bang Theory and is definitely worth checking out for fans… or just anyone interested in Sheldon Cooper’s childhood.


The early life of child genius Sheldon Cooper, later seen as an adult in The Big Bang Theory.

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TV details

Creator: Chuck Lorre, Steven Molaro
Cast: Iain Armitage, Zoe Perry, Lance Barber, Annie Potts, Raegan Revord, Montana Jordan, Jim Parsons, Wallace Shawn
Release Date (Australia): 26 March 2018
Episodes: Pilot / Rockets, Communists, and the Dewey Decimal System / Poker, Faith and Eggs / A Therapist, a Comic Book, and a Breakfast Sausage / A Solar Calculator, a Game Ball, and a Cheerleader’s Bosom / A Patch, a Modem, and a Zantac / A Brisket, Voodoo, and Cannonball Run / Cape Canaveral, Schr√∂dinger’s Cat, and Cyndi Lauper’s Hair / Spock, Kirk, and Testicular Hernia / An Eagle Feather, a String Bean, and an Eskimo / Demons, Sunday School, and Prime Numbers / A Computer, a Plastic Pony, and a Case of Beer / A Sneeze, Detention, and Sissy Spacek / Potato Salad, a Broomstick, and Dad’s Whiskey / Dolomite, Apple Slices, and a Mystery Woman / Killer Asteroids, Oklahoma, and a Frizzy Hair Machine / Jiu-Jitsu, Bubble Wrap, and Yoo-Hoo / A Mother, a Child, and a Blue Man’s Backside / Gluons, Guacamole, and the Color Purple / A Dog, a Squirrel, and a Fish Named Fish / Summer Sausage, a Pocket Poncho, and Tony Danza / Vanilla Ice Cream, Gentleman Callers, and a Dinette Set
Genre: Comedy
Country: USA
Language: English


Themes (PG)

The series is mainly concerned with themes in the form of crude humour, as well as scenes that feature natural disaster and a child choking on food.

Violence (G)

The series includes an implied fight between two characters, accompanied by verbal references to the fight and minor bruising detail.

Coarse Language (PG)

The series includes use of the words “bitch”, “ass”, “damn” and “hell”.

Drug Use (PG)

The series contains mild verbal references to drugs and drug use.

Nudity (G)

There is a depiction of buttock nudity in a comic book.

Sex (PG)

The series contains mild sexual innuendo and crude references to sex, as well as a scene in which a couple implicitly engage in a sexual act under bed covers.

Aussie boy's thoughts

The heartfelt and constantly amusing childhood of The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper is quirkily perfect! Either for a sitcom binge or for a TV viewing every night, there are simply no flaws to the first season, if not a few that are crushed by the sense of humour. Literally every character is perfect in an amusing way, the design of each episode is hysterically quirky, and overall, nobody could’ve executed Sheldon Cooper’s young life more perfectly.

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