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This film is definitely intense and mildly exciting, but the violent peril and language in Those Who Wish Me Dead is not meant for kids. Angelina Jolie stars in this fair-paced thriller.


A smoke jumper takes the responsibility of protecting a traumatised teenage boy who witnessed two relentless assassins murdering his father against the assassins and a spreading forest fire.

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Movie details

Director: Taylor Sheridan
Cast: Angelina Jolie, Finn Little, Nicholas Hoult, Aidan Gillen, Jake Weber, Medina Senghore, Jon Bernthal
Writer: Michael Koryta, Charles Leavitt, Taylor Sheridan
Release Date (Australia): 13 May 2021
Runtime: 100 minutes/1h 40m
Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller
Country: Canada, USA
Language: English


Themes (MA15+)

The film features strong themes of peril and assassination.

Violence (MA15+)

The film contains several scenes in which people are shot or pick-axed, accompanied by large bloody sprays and injury detail.

Coarse Language (MA15+)

The film contains frequent and aggressive use of “f**k” language.

Sex (PG)

The film features a verbal reference to a “threesome”.

mpaa rating

R (for strong violence, and language throughout)

Aussie boy's thoughts

Angelina Jolie stars in what appears as a very standard action-thriller regarding wilderness survival, and there’s nothing really special about it. But even though Those Who Wish Me Dead is senseless every once in a while, there are some moving moments in this watchable tale. The tale isn’t fully compelling, but it’s definitely watchable.

Whilst there’s an impressive child performance by Finn Little, the rest of the cast is pretty general and isn’t too exciting or unique in any particular way. However, there are some amazing shots filmed throughout the beautiful location of the film along with the outstanding effects. Plus Those Who Wish Me Dead isn’t at all afraid to own several rough and brutal moments. By the end, this action-packed and thrilling survival tale is decent, but doesn’t live all the way up to all the hype.

There isn’t too much to go on about with this sharp, solid and stirring film. Those Who Wish Me Dead isn’t a “the-best-moving” adventure, but is definitely watchable. The story is skilful but average, unhurried and obvious.

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