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This extremely flat and boring action movie has empty intentions with clear protagonists and antagonists, but what else is it? The Gray Man is violent, uninteresting and the action or characters aren’t anywhere near just slightly engaging.


When the CIA’s most skilled asset whose true identity is unknown to everyone uncovers some dark agency secrets, a former colleague sets off a global manhunt by assassins.

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Movie details

Director: Joe Russo, Anthony Russo
Cast: Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Dhanush, Julia Butters, Jessica Henwick, Billy Bob Thornton
Writer: Joe Russo, Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely
Release Date (Australia): 14 July 2022
Runtime: 122 minutes/2h 2m
Genre: Action, Thriller
Country: USA
Language: English

CONTENT GUIDE (warning: May contain spoilers)

Themes (MA15+)

The film’s thematic material includes sense of threat, corruption, murder, assassination and depictions of torture.

Violence (MA15+)

During action sequences, people being shot and stabbed. There are brief depictions of blood and injury detail accompanying these scenes.

Coarse Language (M)

There is a singular use of the word “f**k” throughout the film, as well as use of the words “s**t”, “ass” and “d**k”.

Sex (G)

A verbal reference is made to sex using the term “slept with”.

mpaa rating

PG-13 (for intense sequences of strong violence, and strong language)

Aussie boy's thoughts

The Russo brothers’ new Netflix action film is a noisy, talky borefest that wastes everything it had. The Gray Man pretty much just gathers together and shows the biggest problems with a lot of action movies today, such as how their very unoriginal and flat stories or ideas fit into an overlong mess that’s built of too much boring dialogue and uninteresting characters, which usually results in the climatic action sequences not being worth anticipating for and the film just failing in the end.

The only thing this action movie does a quarter-decent job at is designing and executing clear protagonists and antagonists. Well, Ryan Gosling’s CIA operative character, the protagonist of the film, is a very average kind of skilled-guy you see in action movies all the time. He’s extremely clever and he can take down a bunch of bad guys by himself. Chris Evans is the antagonist here, and he’s a pretty intense villain, especially in the film’s final face-off.

It’s usually action-comedy movies that feature more unique or just appealing stories and execute them well, which is why the leads in this film are capable of a good time at the movies but are just wasted instead. Ryan Gosling really fits well into roles he did like The Nice Guys and Chris Evans is such a memorable Captain America. But this film just chops up some violent action scenes and throws them along with the unbearably boring story with no thrills, other than the wincing from the violence and torture.

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