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This female-lead action movie with good stars and entertaining action also happens to be pretty dull. The 355 will likely lack positive criticism due to the predictable plot and flat moments, despite some good ones.


A CIA agent joins forces with three international agents on a mission to retrieve a top-secret weapon when it falls into the hands of a group of mercenaries.

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Movie details

Director: Simon Kinberg
Cast: Jessica Chastain, Penélope Cruz, Fan Bingbing, Diane Kruger, Lupita Nyong’o, Jason Flemyng, Édgar Ramírez, Sebastian Stan
Writer: Theresa Rebeck, Simon Kinberg
Release Date (Australia): 13 January 2022
Runtime: 122 minutes/2h 2m
Genre: Action, Thiller
Country: USA
Language: English, Spanish, Chinese, German


Themes (M)

The film contains action sequences and crime themes, as well as thematic elements including a scene in which a man is tortured for information and a scene in which a family is held at gunpoint.

Violence (M)

The film features multiple action sequences that depict shootings and stabbing that are accompanied by minor blood detail.

Coarse Language (M)

The film includes a single use of the word “f**k”, in addition to infrequent use of words such as “bitch”, “s**t”, “**shole”, “damn” and “hell”.

Drug Use (PG)

The film contains mild verbal references to drug dealing and drug use.

Sex (PG)

The film includes verbal sexual references and a scene in which a man and a woman remove their clothes and kiss on a bed.

mpaa rating

PG-13 (for sequences of strong violence, brief strong language, and suggestive material)

Aussie boy's thoughts

The stylish action sequences are the only shining components in this female-lead action-thriller. This is probably going to be a very short and only a very brief review, because it really feels like there’s nothing much to say about Simon Kinberg’s The 355. The film is about a CIA agent who teams up with other international agents and they deal with an antagonist in which they deliver several action sequences together.

What else would you describe it as? The plot, the base, the outline and the execution of the movie is utterly forgettable. It’s just chucklesome in its way that it tried to be a serious action-THRILLER instead of taking the opportunity to be a casually dumb spoof. It might have actually worked out better and received more respectful reactions if it had been executed as a spoof to an already terrible action movie.

The main female stars are pretty fair and they’re solid in the well-crafted action sequences, but they deserve better roles instead of being left in unconvincing characters in a predictable action movie. This isn’t “female empowerment”, it’s a bad package of boredom. However, the small amount of credit it receives goes to the fact that it does start out pretty smoothly, at least before collapsing.

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