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Honestly, this romantic comedy starring Melissa McCarthy does feel a bit long and will definitely bore some. Superintelligence is still a fun and entertaining comedy focused on technology.


When an unemployed Carol, the most average human being on Earth, is chosen by an artificial intelligence to be studied on, she finds herself holding the fate of the world in her hands and must prove that humans are not worth destroying.

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Movie details

Director: Ben Falcone
Cast: Melissa McCarthy, Bobby Cannavale, Brian Tyree Henry, James Corden, Jean Smart
Writer: Steve Mallory
Release Date (Australia): 17 December 2020
Runtime: 106 minutes/1h 46m
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi
Country: USA
Language: English


Themes (PG)

An artificial intelligence with the ability to control technology threatens to decide a possible fate for humanity.

Violence (G)

The film contains very mild kicking violence.

Coarse Language (PG)

The film contains a brief use of the word “s**t”, and single uses of “crap” and “hell”.

Sex (PG)

The film contains mild verbal sexual references and a scene in which a man and woman are briefly depicted engaging in sexual intercourse.

mpaa rating

PG (for some suggestive material, language and thematic elements)

Aussie boy's thoughts

Superintelligence is this sweet romcom that probably takes mildly bland ideas too far over the line, but it’s actually worth watching because of Melissa McCarthy, Bobby Cannavale and James Corden. Rationally, this is a film that’ll easily disappoint many viewers. It’s fair enough, but the reason is probably more concerned with the fact that it’s a comedy blended with romance that was sort of disguised as a fascinating sci-fi-comedy tale. It ends up being worthwhile, watchable and pretty funny.

McCarthy, as she usually is in most of her quirky comedy roles, is absolutely impossible to dislike. Cannavale is also quite similar, and although many are guaranteed to find him annoying, Corden is a fun selection for the AI role. This is an average movie that’s saved by the brilliant talents of the cast, and also deserves them.

When you take the fun cast out of the story, it feels a bit weak and also feels like it’s dragged on for too long. The beginning feels very promising, and although it falls short after the introduction sequences, there’s fun ideas and an engaging problem.

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