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The violent slayings in this teen slasher are even bloodier than the previous movies. Scream 4 brings a familiar cast, new characters and more killers.


Sidney Prescott visits her hometown, Woodsboro, ten years after the first series of murders occurred. To her dismay, a new Ghostface killer begins terrorising her and killing her friends, using horror movies as his deadly game.

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Movie details

Director: Wes Craven
Cast: David Arquette, Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, Emma Roberts, Hayden Panettiere, Anthony Anderson, Alison Brie, Adam Brody, Rory Culkin
Writer: Kevin Williamson
Release Date (Australia): 14 April 2011
Runtime: 111 minutes/1h 51m
Genre: Horror, Mystery
Country: USA
Language: English


Themes (MA15+)

The film contains frequent disturbing scenes, including scenes that feature a sustained sense of threat and graphic depictions of murder.

Violence (MA15+)

The film includes several scenes that feature stabbings and shootings that are accompanied by gory depictions of large bloody spurts, bloody spatter and injury detail.

Coarse Language (M)

The film contains sometimes aggressive use of the words “f**k”, “ass”, “s**t” and “bitch”.

Sex (M)

The film contains sexual references including use of the word “f**k” in a sexual context.

mpaa rating

R (for strong bloody violence, language and some teen drinking)

Aussie boy's thoughts

Craven’s fast, refreshing and extensively bloody return to the Scream franchise is either a weak or relieving surprise for the fans. Similar to the previous chapters, there’s the return of the main cast, appealing new characters and Ghostface’s brutal slayings. Due to these chief components, Scream 4 is pretty much exactly what the fans want.

Also alike the past instalments, there’s a fresh setting and new suspects. But despite the new survival rules and a big focus on horror movies, Scream 4 just misses the target. Somehow, it’s just not as engaging or exciting as the other Scream movies. Of course it’s quite likeable, but it feels like a bit of a letdown. The story is mainly just not too fascinating or interesting, and surprise, the characters aren’t even as gripping as they used to be.

At least it’s much better than the disappointing Scream 3. And most fans will likely love how extreme and bloody the kills are. Ghostface is definitely much more rough and fearless in this slightly weak but decently watchable slasher.

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