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This abundantly funny, gory and entertaining comedy series feels very much like a sitcom, with fantastic humour to be found in every scene, long and short. Santa Clarita Diet’s story basically revolves around the survival of a normal human-behaving zombie.


Married realtors Sheila and Joel lead an ordinary life raising their teenage daughter in Santa Clarita, California. But their lives soon change forever when Sheila suddenly goes through a dramatic transformation, sending them down the path of bloody destruction.

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TV details

Creator: Victor Fresco
Cast: Drew Barrymore, Timothy Olyphant, Liv Hewson, Skyler Gisondo, Ricardo Antonio Chavira, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, Natalie Morales, Richard T. Jones
Release Date (Australia): 3 February 2017
Episodes: So Then a Bat or A Monkey / We Can’t Kill People! / We Can Kill People / The Farting Sex Tourist / Man Eat Man / Attention to Detail / Strange or Just Inconsiderate? / How Much Vomit? / The Book! / Baka, Bile and Baseball Bats
Genre: Comedy, Horror
Country: USA
Language: English

CONTENT GUIDE (warning: May contain spoilers)

Themes (MA15+)

Thematic content includes an undead woman feeding on human flesh after murdering and dismembering the victims with her husband. The series contains crude humour, depictions of projectile vomiting and strong scenes of comedic violence.

Violence (MA15+)

The series features comedic depictions of strong violence, blood and gore, including an undead woman attacking and eating several people resulting in large blood sprays and gore detail.

Coarse Language (MA15+)

The series contains strong coarse language including use of the words “f**k”, “s**t”, “bitch”, “**shole”, and one use of “c**t”.

Drug Use (M)

The series includes multiple depictions of marijuana smoking and a scene in which the corpse of a man is discovered with a syringe in his arm after implicitly overdosing. The series also features verbal drug references.

Sex (M)

The film contains sexual references including use of the word “f**k” in a sexual context and scenes in which a couple engage in sexual activity.

Aussie boy's thoughts

Santa Clarita Diet is a 10-episode package of non-stop entertainment and delectably delicious humour that also feels very much like a classic sitcom. It stars Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant, revolving around married realtors Sheila and Joel leading an ordinary life raising their teenage daughter, when Sheila goes through a dramatic transformation which forces the family to take on a completely new and bizarre lifestyle. The first season alone is abundantly gory, consistently entertaining, with jokes to be found in every scene, and the plot moves at such an exquisite pace, I immediately flicked on the next episode as soon as one episode would finish. But I would easily argue that one of the best things about Santa Clarita Diet is the brilliant chemistry between the characters and the comedic performances from the entire cast. Definitely watch it; it will temporarily cure all forms of boredom.

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