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In this hilarious, entertaining and extremely appealing comedy-drama, a washed-up porn star returns to his hometown and manipulates a young woman into the adult industry. There’s tons of sex, nudity, language and jokes.


Washed-up porn star Mikey Saber returns to his hometown in Texas, despite nobody wanting him back. He soon meets a 17-year-old girl who he sees as an opportunity back into the industry.

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Movie details

Director: Sean Baker
Cast: Simon Rex, Suzanna Son, Bree Elrod, Brenda Deiss, Ethan Darbone, Brittney Rodriguez, Judy Hill, 
Writer: Sean Baker, Chris Bergoch
Release Date (Australia): 6 December 2021
Runtime: 128 minutes/2h 8m
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Country: USA
Language: English

CONTENT GUIDE (warning: May contain spoilers)

Themes (M)

The film contains sexual themes, crude humour, drug dealing and references to prostitution.

Violence (PG)

A man is kicked and punched by a group of people, resulting in minor bruising detail.

Coarse Language (MA15+)

The film contains a use of the word “c**t” and frequent use of the words “f**k”, “s**t”, “p***y”, “ass”, “bitch”, “d**k” and “slut”.

Drug Use (M)

The film contains frequent drug references, drug dealing and the smoking of marijuana and crack.

Nudity (MA15+)

The film features full frontal male nudity and female breasts and buttocks nudity.

Sex (MA15+)

The film frequently features strong sexual references and crude sexual humour, including verbal references to pornography and sexual acts. The film also features several strong sex scenes.

mpaa rating

R (for strong sexual content, graphic nudity, drug use and pervasive language)

Aussie boy's thoughts

A wildly hilarious, extremely entertaining and guiltily enjoyable comedy-drama that makes you care for the affairs of a truly despicable, narcissistic and manipulative scumbag. Red Rocket is a disgustingly honest and legitimately surprising movie, as it feels like it really positions you inside the screen and standing next to the lead character who’s a washed-up, former porn star returned back to his Texas hometown.

If you know absolutely nothing about the film and plan to watch it, the paragraph above is a brief description worth digesting just by itself before seeing this movie. Because if you’ve never seen any previous films from director Sean Baker, his knowledge and potential on making an ###hole likeable will surely surprise you. Other than looking at the character his film focuses on, and focusing on camerawork and quality, this film pictures at Texas through a beautifully bright lens that just itself makes you feel like you’re living there, almost as a friend to the main character through his manipulative struggles.

Finally getting to the best part of the film, what’s big to talk about here is Mikey Saber, the lead character played very memorably by Simon Rex, who proves he can provide talent in both comedy and drama. As said, he’s an ex-porn star back in his hometown, where nobody really wants him, and the worst thing about him is the fact that he’s trying to force an underage girl he befriends into getting into the adult industry, which makes his character narcissistic, yet highly likeable throughout the film. It doesn’t glorify his behaviour, but we get to experience his issues which is entertaining itself.

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