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The sexual innuendo in this film may be just too much for young children, but is okay for older kids. Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday is a well made and entertaining journey comedy.


After meeting and befriending actor Joe Manganiello, Pee Wee Herman decides to leave his small hometown and take his first holiday to New York to attend Joe’s birthday party.

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Movie details

Director: John Lee
Cast: Paul Reubens, Joe Manganiello, Alia Shawkat, Jessica Pohly, Stephanie Beatriz
Writer: Paul Reubens, Paul Rust
Release Date (Australia): 18 March 2016
Runtime: 90 minutes/1h 30m
Genre: Comedy, Family
Country: USA
Language: English


Themes (G)

The film contains very mild crude humour and scenes that may scare young children, as well as thematic elements such as criminal activity and threat.

Violence (G)

A woman slaps a man across the face.

Coarse Language (PG)

The film contains singular uses each of the words “hell”, “crap” and “badass”.

Sex (PG)

The film contains mild sexual innuendo including verbal sexual references and a group of women having a pillow fight with male strippers.

mpaa rating

NR (Not Rated)

Aussie boy's thoughts

Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday is a surprisingly delightful and fun case in which you should not judge a film by its cover, trailer or appearance. Seriously, how did this Pee-Wee adventure manage to be so pleasurable? It’s mainly a quirky comedy targeted at families with older kids, but parents, let them know that this childish-appearing entertainment is spot-on enjoyable. And it’s actually very watchable, classing as something you could watch over and over without becoming really bored.

Whether you’re a fan or just new, you’ll discover that Pee-Wee is a truly bright, funny, quirky and witty character. He and the story of his loveable friendship with actor Joe Manganiello is definitely strange and corny, but that’s exactly what Pee-Wee is meant to be. Alongside these charming characters are awesome female criminals, flirty farmer’s daughters and even more weirdly appealing characters.

The innocence of this loveable journey is hilarious and entirely witty. However, this comedy doesn’t reach full-on adoration due to its predictably uninteresting elements. Not all of the characters and sections are going to fully entertain you. Luckily, it’ll give you a good laugh with fun ideas. The charming appearance of this film is meant for your attention.

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