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YES, YES, YES!!! Sia’s Music is a poorly acted, painfully slow, terribly made and unrealistic movie about autism (in a misguided view). This musical-drama film is seriously one of the worst movies you’ll ever see. Terrible!


Zu is newly sober when she is tasked to become the sole guardian of her teenage sister, Music, who is on the autism spectrum.

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Movie details

Director: Sia
Cast: Kate Hudson, Leslie Odom Jr., Maddie Ziegler
Writer: Sia, Dallas Clayton
Release Date (Australia): 14 January 2021
Runtime: 107 minutes/1h 47m
Genre: Drama, Music
Country: USA
Language: English, Mandarin


Themes (M)

The film’s themes are mainly concerned with the behaviours of a teenager on the autism spectrum, domestic violence and drug dealing.

Violence (M)

There is a scene of domestic violence, in which a man holds his wife by the throat and pushes his son to the floor, accompanied by a depiction of a small blood pool.

Coarse Language (M)

The film contains infrequent use of “s**t”, “ass” and “damn”, as well as a single use of the word “f**k”.

Drug Use (M)

The film features illegal drug dealing and drug references.

Sex (G)

The film features a sexual reference that is verbal and is also very mild in impact.

mpaa rating

PG-13 (for thematic content, drug material, brief violence and strong language)

Aussie boy's thoughts

Sia’s Music is nothing but a poorly acted, painfully boring, terribly made and a completely misguided study of autism. Actually, it’s just a really slow tale about the unlikeable sister of an autistic teenager. You can also easily tell that Sia is a wannabe-masterpiece-creator, but failed miserably. Anyway, are there any enjoyable and non-offensive elements about this film?

Properly getting started would probably be explaining what kind of insulting material the film includes and answering that question. So firstly, Sia terribly presents the performances of Maddie Ziegler, Kate Hudson and Leslie Odom Jr., who are each very unlikeable characters and provide shockingly appalling performances throughout the film. The depiction of autism and other poor elements are downright offensive! 

And the music sequences! The actual scenes in which colourful, bright dancing is exhibited are offensive and triggering. Us autistic people view the world differently, but we’re not on a drug trip! Plus even other than all of those dreadful elements, Music’s pace is horrible. You’d expect the story to deal with the struggles of someone on the autism spectrum, but no, it’s the whole story on the autistic character’s sister’s POV. The characters are unlikeable and Sia’s film is super offensive!

Again, you’ll definitely be able to tell that Sia was attempting to create a masterpiece. She failed miserably and can quit defending Music. If Sia was really trying to depict what autism is, she should’ve avoided using bright colours and done more research on autism. Don’t watch this film, because it’s already the worst film of 2021 – case closed.

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