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This delightful zombie comedy has a great selection of fun characters, humour, big heart and zombie gore. Little Monsters is a very funny and bloody teen zombie film.


A washed-up musician must team up with his nephew’s attractive teacher and a kids’ show celebrity when the kindergarten field trip is interrupted by a sudden outbreak of zombies.

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Movie details

Director: Abe Forsythe
Cast: Lupita Nyong’o, Alexander England, Josh Gad, Diesel La Torraca, Kat Stewart
Writer: Abe Forsythe
Release Date (Australia): 31 October 2019
Runtime: 93 minutes/1h 33m
Genre: Comedy, Horror, Fantasy
Country: Australia, USA, UK
Language: English


Themes (MA15+)

The film features a sustained sense of threat as people are threatened and attacked by zombies. The film also features crude humour.

Violence (MA15+)

The film features scenes in which people are attacked and eaten by zombies, as well as scenes in which zombies are shot and hit with blunt objects, accompanied by gore detail and blood sprays.

Coarse Language (MA15+)

The film contains a use of the word “c**t”, frequent use of the word “f**k” and uses of “p***y”, “c**k”, “s**t” and “bitch”.

Drug Use (PG)

The film contains a brief scene depicting the use of a bong.

Nudity (M)

The film includes brief sexualised breasts nudity.

Sex (M)

The film includes scenes depicting a man masturbating and a man interrupting a couple having sex. There are also verbal sexual references including use of the word “f**k” in a sexual context.

mpaa rating

R (for bloody zombie violence, crude sexual content, language throughout and brief drug use)

Aussie boy's thoughts

Australian Mother Goose meets Shaun of the Dead in this big-hearted, imaginative and abundantly gory zombie comedy. Little Monsters is truly the overlooked and unnoticed zombie movie with humour that deserves its place among the same ranks as previously appreciated films like Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland. The film features Alexander England as this ridiculously hilarious guy who accompanies his nephew’s kindergarten teacher, staged brilliantly by Lupita Nyong’o, as she takes her class on this field trip to meet a kids show star, who turns out to be a rib-tickling idiot with a foul mouth played by the talented Josh Gad.

In the beginning, this film crudely and often rawly depicts the adult life of Dave, with lots of language, laziness and sex. Well, at least before it suddenly turns all sweet as he accompanies the adorable younglings. But bam! This movie very quickly turns from a kindergarten movie for teens into a gory zombie apocalypse, which you’d forgotten about due to the very light-seeming tone within the introduction to the story. 

Once you get the idea that the zombies are all slow and the kids don’t understand the situation, Nyong’o pretends its a game and makes so many touches that are just plain amusement for the audience. The film is very funny, absolutely delightful and it has a big heart with the younger children and the zombies, whilst not lacking the gore and fatality we like to see in zombie movies. All the points are left toward writer and director Abe Forsythe for designing the simple idea and making Little Monsters what it is.

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