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They’re usually best for older kids due to the themes, but this entertaining drama based on a true story is very well-made and well-acted. There are some intense moments in this feel-good movie.


Saroo ends up being adopted by an Australian couple after he is separated from his family at just 5 years old. Twenty-five years later, he goes back to India to search for his lost family.

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Movie details

Director: Garth Davis
Cast: Dev Patel, Sunny Pawar, Nicole Kidman, Rooney Mara, David Wenham, Abhishek Bharate, Divian Ladwa, Priyanka Bose
Writer: Luke Davies
Release Date (Australia): 19 January 2017
Runtime: 118 minutes/1h 58m
Genre: Biography, Drama
Country: Australia, India
Language: English, Hindi, Bengali


Themes (PG)

The film’s themes include infrequent threat and a man’s struggle to find his mother and home after being separated as a child.

Violence (G)

There are multiple scenes in which a distressed child repeatedly beats his head.

Drug Use (G)

The film contains a very mild reference to drug use.

mpaa rating

PG-13 (for thematic material and some sensuality)

Aussie boy's thoughts

This biographical drama based on real life truly is an emotional, touching and beautiful journey that you’ll remember for the tears of love and joy. It’s additionally much more compelling and fascinating due to its true story, although it does feel quite lengthy at several moments.

Overall, Lion is very powerful and the story is a real tearjerker. Obviously bring some tissues, but you won’t constantly need them for sadness. With Sunny Pawar playing the unsure-child Saroo and Dev Patel playing the determined-adult Saroo, you’ll feel as if you’re watching the real happening set from the 80s and on as you experience the emotions being portrayed. The music, expressions and the visual tone will send you through tears of lovely relief and joyful moments.

The acting and emotions of this moving drama are welly provided within the story, which is entertaining itself. This feel-good drama isn’t just heartbreaking and heartwarming; the pace is very moving.

The story used its excellent direction perfectly and manages to grab your interest. However, there are always the people who won’t enjoy it, which is fair due to some of the extended moments. But Lion will grab most audience’s attention and they’d certainly recommend the film for teens, adults and others feeling like a warm cry during a feel-good gem.

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