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Engaging, suspenseful and very mysterious, teens will enjoy this brilliant movie featuring a lots of puzzles. Due to violence and cursing, not a great pick for kids, but is enjoyable.


Strange events begin to plague a small-town detective’s family as he investigates the mysterious disappearance of a 12-year-old boy.

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Movie details

Director: Adam Randall
Cast: Helen Hunt, Jon Tenney, Judah Lewis, Owen Teague, Libe Barer
Writer: Devon Graye
Release Date (Australia): 10 July 2020
Runtime: 98 minutes/1h 38m
Genre: Drama, Horror, Crime
Country: USA
Language: English


Themes (M)

The film contains themes of the kidnapping of children, murder, criminal activity and references to pedophilia.

Violence (M)

The film contains shootings and depictions of people being hit over the head with objects, resulting in moderate blood and injury detail.

Coarse Language (M)

The film includes use of the words “f**king”, “s**tty” and “**shole”.

Sex (PG)

The film contains a mild verbal reference to sex.

mpaa rating

R (for violence and language)

Aussie boy's thoughts

There’s a 12-year-old boy whose gone missing and strange circumstances are occurring, but nobody expected this seemingly typical thriller to twist in all sorts of unexpected and completely unimagined directions. Devon Graye’s original screenwriting deserves most of the credit for this amazingly crafted film. You might think I See You looks too average to give a go, and it does have a typical appearance, but it surprises you with how unexpectedly great it is.

Adam Randall’s thriller is a puzzle. It’s a puzzle in which you witness the pieces being scattered, but then being connected and forming an understandable but unexpected picture. The thing is, the picture is pretty smooth, but it really twists and turns towards the end before appearing smoothly again. The severe twirls through the plot couldn’t be written or executed better.

The way this film sets between the mystery is superb, but there’s honestly a fair lack of character development between the engaging Harper family performed delightfully by Helen Hunt, Judah Lewis and Jon Tenney. We get really engaged with the concept, but we seem to lose our memory for the characteristics.

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