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They’re likely to find Hop a pleasing Easter bunny comedy. But other kids and adults are likely to think the story’s just flat or even boring. It’s a fun but silly Easter movie.


E.B, the Easter Bunny’s son who will soon be officially crowned the Easter Bunny, leaves Easter island and travels to Hollywood with his passion for drumming in a band. But he ends up befriending a jobless man named Fred, who realises he could begin his career as the Easter Bunny.

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Movie details

Director: Tim Hill
Cast: Russell Brand, James Marsden, Kaley Cuoco, Hank Azaria, Hugh Laurie, Gary Cole, Elizabeth Perkins, David Hasselhoff
Writer: Cinco Paul, Ken Daurio, Brian Lynch
Release Date (Australia): 7 April 2011
Runtime: 95 minutes/1h 35m
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Family
Country: USA
Language: English

CONTENT GUIDE (warning: May contain spoilers)

Themes (G)

The film’s themes include crude humour, sense of threat and scenes that may scare young children.

Violence (G)

The film contains scenes of very mild animated slapstick violence, including characters being slapped, kicked and hit with objects.

Sex (G)

There are verbal references to “sexy bunnies”.

mpaa rating

PG (for some mild rude humor)

Aussie boy's thoughts

The two amiable concepts of a rock ‘n’ roll bunny disagreeing to traditionally be crowned the Easter Bunny and a jobless but likeable guy just don’t mix well together. This is sadly what Hop does, and although you really want to like it and appreciate it for its childlike laughs and silly animations, it unfortunately just isn’t good or pleasing enough. There’s a good chance kids might have fun with it, but others will likely find it boring.

Hop has two different ideas running at the same time, eventually colliding. There’s a young bunny rabbit who has a passion for drumming and doesn’t want to take the responsibilities of delivering chocolate eggs around the world. On the other hand is a man looking for a job, who tells the story of how the first “human” Easter Bunny was formed. The opening shots of the Easter factory in work and a young boy seeing the Easter bunny make a big promise for the rest of the film. It continues to be entertaining for a while, but sort of just loses interest.

E.B., the lead bunny character, gets into some uninteresting situations and guilts his new human friend into looking after him, but he is generally likeable overall. David Hasselhoff is an appreciative show host, but being a kids’ movie, you can expect the most low-grade kids’ movie types of character personalities. Other than the characteristics, the film’s villain is unfortunately flatter than the pacing and the jokes are fairly infrequent. As a result, Hop is a good comedy for Easter, but it’s immediately forgettable.

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