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Drugs, language and adventure creates a chucklesome sense of raunchy humour in Good Boys, still best for older and mature teens. This awesome comedy is also sweet, but VERY crass!


Three sixth grade boys ditch school and embark on journey whilst carrying accidentally stolen drugs, being hunted by a pair of teenage girls, trying to repair a drone, and making their way home in time for a kissing party.

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Movie details

Director: Gene Stupnitsky
Cast: Jacob Tremblay, Keith L. Williams, Brady Noon, Molly Gordon, Midori Francis, Josh Caras 
Writer: Gene Stupnitsky, Lee Eisenberg
Release Date (Australia): 22 August 2019
Runtime: 90 minutes/1h 30m
Genre: Comedy, Adventure
Country: USA, Canada
Language: English


Themes (MA15+)

The film contains strong themes in the form of crude humour.

Violence (PG)

The film features depictions of punching violence, and a lengthy scene in which a dislocated arm is depicted.

Coarse Language (MA15+)

The film features frequent use of the words “f**k”, “s**t”, “d**k”, “c**k” and “ass”.

Drug Use (M)

The film contains frequent references to ecstasy and cocaine, as well as brief depictions of cocaine and marijuana use.

Nudity (PG)

The film includes a brief viewing of a realistic sex doll’s lower breasts.

Sex (MA15+)

The film contains frequent strong crude sexual humour in the form of depictions of several sex toys, verbal and visual sexual references, and use of the word “f**k” in a sexual context.

mpaa rating

R (for strong crude sexual content, drug and alcohol material, and language throughout – all involving tweens)

Aussie boy's thoughts

Jacob Tremblay, Brady Noon and Keith L. Williams star in this sweet, but exceptionally raunchy comedy designed to make you laugh. Good Boys is the complete opposite to a dull kids’ comedy packed with slapstick and potty jokes, in which it features a pleasing story of typical tweens obsessed with grown up material.

Basically, Good Boys snatches the story of Superbad and replaces the teens with tweens. Partying and trying to fit in with all the “cool kids” is the largest and most realistic topic in the film, and is added to with the style of humour that numerous teens and adults love. You simply cannot expect to be coated in childish humour whilst watching good boys, as the film is undeniably not for kids. As most films and shows contain, there are always unnecessarily prolonged scenes in Good Boys. Although they each feature several hilarious jokes, it makes this comedy almost fully great, but not 100%-the-best.

Looking for a dull, childish, and dumb humoured film for a popcorn movie night? Well Good Boys is the direct diverse to those words, but is enjoyable popcorn fun for adults. The children are sweetly crude, the humour is absolutely hysterical, but the funny story is very naughty!

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