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There’s fun, there’s ghost-busting action, and it’s just a bunch of fun. This well-made and enjoyable Ghostbusters movie will likely please the fans.


When a single mother and her two kids move to a new town, they soon discover they have a connection to the original Ghostbusters and the secret legacy left behind by their grandfather.

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Movie details

Director: Jason Reitman
Cast: Mckenna Grace, Logan Kim, Paul Rudd, Carrie Coon, Finn Wolfhard, Celeste O’Connor, Bill Murray
Writer: Gil Kenan, Jason Reitman
Release Date (Australia): 1 January 2022
Runtime: 124 minutes/2h 4m
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Adventure
Country: Canada, USA
Language: English


Themes (PG)

The film includes fantasy themes and scary scenes, including supernatural threat inflicted by fantasy creatures and sequences that include the use of fantasy weapons.

Violence (PG)

The film includes mild fantasy violence, including a depiction of a man being torn in half.

Coarse Language (PG)

The film contains a use of the word “**shole”, as well as uses of “s**t” and “damn”.

Sex (PG)

The film contains infrequent verbal references to “boning”, “humping” and a teenage boy being a virgin.

mpaa rating

PG-13 (for supernatural action and some suggestive references)

Aussie boy's thoughts

Jason Reitman kindly provides fans with a refreshment of the splendid ghost-busting action, importantly whilst remembering how to tickle its funny bone. Alike the previous Ghostbuster instalments, Ghostbusters: Afterlife knows exactly how to exhilarate you to the point where, aside from the fact that you’re chuckling at the intelligent humour, a big smile will spread across your face just at how fun it is.

All the fun is the result of both the young and mid-aged characters facing the supernatural situation, as well as how its structured. Ghostbusters: Afterlife succeeds in introducing the quirky characters with even quirkier characteristics and sending them out towards ghost-busting action. Mckenna Grace, Paul Rudd and Logan Kim are perfect at delivering their characters some very amusing personalities.

The new Ghostbusters movie also doesn’t feel too long, especially with how the 2 hour runtime feels smooth and efficient, but it’s not exactly the type of execution that would really grip you. Other than the entire film just being a fun refreshment, it’s not necessary and doesn’t seem to do anything overly new. But it’s truly fun to see the original cast return for some time during this handful of brilliant special effects and familiar factors.

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