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That’s just the film’s tagline, but it is also true. The Long Haul features a new cast and crazy events, however, there’s not much new fun in this movie either. 


Susan Heffley proposes a Heffley road trip across the country to attend Meemaw’s 90th birthday party, ruining he son Greg’s plans. But during the no-screens road trip, he develops an idea to attend a gaming convention to meet his favourite YouTuber.

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Movie details

Director: David Bowers
Cast: Jason Drucker, Alicia Silverstone, Tom Everett Scott, Charlie Wright, Owen Asztalos
Writer: Jeff Kinney, David Bowers
Release Date (Australia): 22 June 2017
Runtime: 91 minutes/1h 31m
Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Family
Country: USA
Language: English

CONTENT GUIDE (warning: May contain spoilers)

Themes (PG)

There are themes such as sequences of mild crude humour, peril and menace.

Violence (G)

A character’s finger is briefly depicted being bitten by a pig.

Coarse Language (G)

Contains one use of the word “hell”.

Nudity (G)

The film includes viewings of photos that feature baby buttocks nudity.

mpaa rating

PG (for some rude humor)

Aussie boy's thoughts

Overall, the half-lazy pacing and dumb jokes don’t have enough power in order to send The Long Haul’s witty characters and eventful plot to ruins. Children, families and serious Diary of a Wimpy Kid fans, this silly but refreshing instalment is well worth your time. What’s with all the hatred towards this movie?

Critics stating that the new cast’s performances are terrible is honestly pretty understandable, as they aren’t particularly decent, but do not begin watching this movie believing that you are about to witness incredibly strong and powerful characters. Somehow, the weak performances still deliver memorable, diverting characters. The Heffley family is engaging and catchy, alongside their “Beardo” enemies.

The movie also removes a fair amount of the book’s fun events and replaces them with new ideas. It’s quite fun. There’s plenty of bright settings, including the country fair, Corny’s restaurant and disgusting hotels, which will definitely please Wimpy Kid lovers. But The Long Haul is genuinely a fun, comical and ridiculous road trip.

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