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They will laugh at all the potty jokes, slapstick kicks and the name-calling. Daddy Day Care is a family comedy that’s slightly entertaining, but can also be very pesky and unlikeable.


After being fired and finding difficulties in searching for a new job, two loving fathers, Charlie and Phil, are inspired to start a day care facility to make ends meet. Once their business starts to pick up, the established day care plans to bring them down.

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Movie details

Director: Steve Carr
Cast: Eddie Murphy, Jeff Garlin, Steve Zahn, Anjelica Huston, Regina King, Khamani Griffin, Kevin Nealon, Max Burkholder
Writer: Geoff Rodkey
Release Date (Australia): 26 June 2003
Runtime: 92 minutes/1h 32m
Genre: Comedy, Family
Country: USA
Language: English, Klingon

CONTENT GUIDE (warning: May contain spoilers)

Themes (G)

The film contains very mild themes of crude humour.

Violence (G)

The film contains scenes of very mild slapstick violence, including kicking and a man falling from a high place onto another man.

Coarse Language (G)

The film contains a single use of the word “hell”.

Sex (G)

The film includes infrequent and very mild sexual innuendo.

mpaa rating

PG (for language)

Aussie boy's thoughts

Apart from Eddie Murphy and the other Daddy Day Care men, every person in this movie is an absolute pest. Although we frequently approach these characters, it doesn’t stop this kids’ comedy from being pleasurable, amusing and light-hearted family entertainment.

It’s worth the pick for family movie night; there’s no doubt that the young children will love the simple concept, and parents’ll also get a serious laugh or two during some moments. Overall, it’s quite funny and can occasionally be hysterically hilarious. It’s a pretty fun distraction to witness these two dad characters build an easy daycare, especially when Anjelica Huston as an established daycare principle runs to amusing ideas to shut them down.

Other than the fact that the story will easily bore many adults, there’s no seriously big flaws that need to be dissected other than how every character seems to be pesky. There’s frequent slapstick violence, which includes kids kicking adults and getting away with no consequences for their filthy actions.

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