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Crisis definitely features drug-related themes and content, but is also extremely slow. It’s still likely that many audiences will be interested in this well-acted drama-thriller.


A professor, an undercover cop and a recovering addict who loses her son try to fight through the opioid crisis in their own different ways.

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Movie details

Director: Nicholas Jarecki
Cast: Gary Oldman, Armie Hammer, Evangeline Lilly, Greg Kinnear, Michelle Rodriguez, Luke Evans, Lily-Rose Depp, Scott Mescudi
Writer: Nicholas Jarecki
Release Date (Australia): 18 March 2021
Runtime: 118 minutes/1h 58m
Genre: Drama, Thriller, Crime
Country: Canada, Belgium
Language: English

CONTENT GUIDE (warning: May contain spoilers)

Themes (M)

The film contains drug themes, references to drug addiction and several depictions of the corpse of a teen.

Violence (MA15+)

The film contains shootouts and depictions of people being shot, accompanied by blood sprays and blood detail.

Coarse Language (M)

The film contains use of the word “f**k”.

Drug Use (MA15+)

A woman is depicted preparing and injecting herself with heroin.

mpaa rating

R (for drug content, violence, and language throughout)

Aussie boy's thoughts

By the end of all the extremely slow-moving and boring dialogue, the crisis is only something you can only briefly recollect as some catchy idea that used to sound “compelling” or something like that. Seriously, if you don’t fall asleep or walk out, you probably won’t be able to remain focused on this… drama.

To be truly specific, Crisis is just this overlong drug-themed movie that’s packed far over the brim with the most boring conversations you could ever manage to sit through, all as you wait for things to get exciting. A compelling idea was abandoned with an entirely and utterly terrible execution. The worst thing about Crisis is how every scene is extended to a point where it couldn’t possibly be expanded any further and the “compelling themes” rely on nothing but terribly written dialogue.

Evangeline Lilly, Gary Oldman and Armie Hammer, in addition to all the performers who show up on the screen are all superb. The acting leads to the result of a genuine sense of uneasiness. The themes are also captivating and thought-provoking, but alike the performances, are overshadowed by this movie’s very weak entertainment value. Other than acting, story, pace and themes, there seems to be nothing more memorable to be discussed.

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