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Despite the lack of punch in certain areas, Coming to America is a great 80s romantic comedy that stands out from the genre. Eddie Murphy’s and Shari Headley’s characters are very likeable, plus the film is funny and entertaining .


Determined to break tradition, African Prince Akeem travels to America in search for the right-fitted woman he can truly love and respect.

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Movie details

Director: John Landis
Cast: Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, Shari Headley, James Earl Jones, John Amos, Madge Sinclair, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Paul Bates
Writer: David Sheffield, Barry W. Blaustein
Release Date (Australia): 25 August 1988
Runtime: 117 minutes/1h 57m
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Country: USA
Language: English

CONTENT GUIDE (warning: May contain spoilers)

Themes (PG)

Themes in the film include crude humour, cultural tradition and a man armed with a shotgun attempting to rob a restaurant.

Violence (G)

A man is tripped to the ground by another man with a mop.

Coarse Language (M)

The film contains use of the word “f**k”.

Drug Use (G)

A man is told to “stay off the drugs”.

Nudity (M)

The film contains a scene featuring female breasts and buttocks nudity.

Sex (PG)

The film contains mild verbal references to sex.

mpaa rating

R (for an unknown reasoning)

Aussie boy's thoughts

Despite there not being enough steam blowing with several areas, Coming to America is a very unique romantic comedy with a very likeable lead by Eddie Murphy. This film is just simple and it works out very well, focusing on themes of disobeying the cultural tradition in a humorous, entertaining but an occasionally predictable fashion. Many will only see what the film centres on as plain misogyny and encouraging men to control women, but the moral is the complete opposite to that.

The beginning is a bit stiff when it unhurriedly depicts the life of African royalty, but it presents us with Eddie Murphy’s goal: to marry a woman who loves him for who he is and she’s not chosen without him getting to know her. There are a lot of notable sections throughout this movie that just lack the punch the other sections have, forming a solid but forgettable flaw.

With the theme on breaking the traditional marriage, the film is incredibly inventive, easy to follow and also makes some very heartening messages through spoken lines. The main characters, mainly consisting of Murphy and Headley, are extremely likeable and the story is very entertaining and honestly lovely in portraying the romantic relationship between them.

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