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Adam Sandler stars in this predictable but decent comedy that’s okay for teens, but not necessarily for kids. Click is a fun movie, but does contain sexual references and language.


An architect discovers a universal remote that gives him the ability to pause and fast-forward time and rewind to certain moments in his life. Complications begin to emerge when the remote starts to overrule his choices.

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Movie details

Director: Frank Coraci
Cast: Adam Sandler, Kate Beckinsale, Christopher Walken, Henry Winkler, David Hasselhoff, Julie Kavner, Sean Astin
Writer: Steve Koren, Mark O’Keefe
Release Date (Australia): 22 June 2006
Runtime: 107 minutes/1h 47m
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Drama
Country: USA
Language: English

CONTENT GUIDE (warning: May contain spoilers)

Themes (M)

The film contains crude humour and fantasy themes throughout, as well as mild themes including references to suicide and death.

Violence (PG)

There are comedic depictions of people being hit and kicked during sequences where they are paused.

Coarse Language (M)

The film contains use of words including “s**t”, “ass”, “crap”, “hell, “damn” and a single use of “f**k”.

Drug Use (PG)

There are several crude references made to drugs.

Sex (M)

The film contains crude sexual humour in the form of references to sex throughout, as well as occasional implied sex scenes.

mpaa rating

PG-13 (for language, crude and sex-related humor, and some drug references)

Aussie boy's thoughts

Who would’ve been expecting tearjerking moments in this predictable but satisfying comedy? Adam Sandler stars as an exhausted father discovering the strength of a universal remote, but also having displeasure as it all seems to go wrong. The entire plot is something you’ve probably heard of or seen. However, Click really sets off the intelligent idea, providing us with laughs and surprises.

It’s especially unusual and unexpected coming from a typical Adam Sandler comedy, but you’ll find there’s a fair few emotions mainly as it gets more climatic. These moments also teach the importance of family and care, but the film is not best for kids. There’s hysterical but sexual and crude humour.

Even if you’ve never seen other movies or shows featuring the universal remote idea, Click can still be quite predictable when you learn the plot. What’s really enjoyable is Adam Sandler’s appealing character and the other jokes mixed with the ideas. It’s not a masterpiece or a classic, but Click is quite a nice surprise for teens and is successful in entertaining.

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