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This crime-action comedy is overlaid with a comedic idea of disguise. Teens and adults will likely enjoy the humour it presents, but this fun comedy contains violent content and some language.


FBI agent Malcolm specialises in disguising himself beyond recognition. This time, he must transform into a large grandmother to protect a beautiful woman and her son from a bank robber.

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Movie details

Director: Raja Gosnell
Cast: Martin Lawrence, Nia Long, Paul Giamatti, Terrence Howard, Jascha Washington, Anthony Anderson
Writer: Darryl Quarles, Don Rhymer
Release Date (Australia): 7 September 2000
Runtime: 99 minutes/1h 39m
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Action
Country: USA, Germany
Language: English

CONTENT GUIDE (warning: May contain spoilers)

Themes (PG)

The film contains themes relating to crime and crude humour.

Violence (M)

The film contains scenes in which people are kicked, punched and shot.

Coarse Language (PG)

The film contains the words “s**t”, “ass”, “damn” and “hell”.

Nudity (PG)

The film contains a depiction of an elderly woman’s buttocks.

Sex (PG)

The film contains mild crude sexual humour in the form of verbal and visual sexual references and innuendo.

mpaa rating

PG-13 (for crude humor including sexual innuendo, and for language and some violence)

Aussie boy's thoughts

Big Momma’s entertaining when she’s running the house and solving crime, mainly whilst she’s in her large-lady disguise and is trying to avoid being caught. This is an exact answer of what the true crime-comedy genre looks like. This one owns a crime-themed story, but also heavily focuses on a comedically entertaining concept.

Unfortunately, Big Momma’s House gets access to awesome stars like Martin Lawrence and Nia Long, even though it doesn’t need or deserve them. Lawrence is great each for the Big Momma and FBI role, but the performances from him or any of the other cast members aren’t notably stunning. This is just an opportunity to have fun, and it does so delightfully.

The predictable but appealing plot is what saves it all. We’ll all experience satisfying fun when we see FBI agent Malcolm disguise himself as Big Momma and deal with the bad guys. It’s obviously another film that gives us anxiety during these moments but always remains clever. There’s no reason to hate this film, especially if you’re into big crime-comedies or stuff, but there’s no real reason to completely love it.

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